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The beautiful, smooth Quartz effect is achieved by mixing Quartzite stone granules with epoxy in a specialized mixing process. This mixture is then applied to a prepared floor surface, where it is screeded and troweled off.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Seamless flooring with no ugly tile joints
  • Non-slip & Anti-skid
  • Hygienic & Bacterial resistant
  • A two year product warranty
  • Waterproof & stain resistant
  • Quick & mess free when installing
  • A green product with low carbon footprint
  • Continuity of application indoors & outdoors
  • A large range of colours
  • Custom colours can be ordered
  • Durable & hard wearing
  • Versatile for different areas of the home
  • Easy to rejuvenate with an inexpensive top coat
  • Warmer than tiles in winter
  • Over existing tile application
  • Under floor heating compliant
  • Logo’s, designs & borders can be included
  • Perfect for revamping
  • A stunning statement to your home
  • A Greener construction material
Browse our range of available colours below: